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Digital X-Ray

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Radiology Equipment

Radiology Equipment

CR Systems

CR systems are considered indirect systems that convert x-rays to stored light as an intermediate step. CR systems use a cassette with a phosphor plate to store the image and a reader/scanner to convert the stored illuminated image into a digital image. CR systems function like a conventional wet system with cassette handling and processing steps. The current cost range is $30,000.00 to $68,000.00 depending on the processing speed and volume of phosphor plates that the unit can process automatically.


Advantages of CR (Computed Radiography):

- No silver based film or chemicals are required to process film. Reduced film storage costs because images can be stored digitally.


- Computed radiography often requires fewer retakes due to under- or over-exposure which results in lower overall dose to the patient.


- Image acquisition is much faster - image previews can be available in less than 15 seconds.


- By adjusting image brightness and/or contrast, a wide range of thicknesses may be examined in one exposure, unlike conventional film based radiography, which may require a different exposure or multiple film speeds in one exposure to cover wide thickness range in a component.


- Images can be enhanced digitally to aid in interpretation.


- Images can be stored on disk or transmitted for off-site review.


- Ever growing technology makes the CR more affordable than ever today. With Chemicals, dark room storage and staff to organize them, you could own a CR for the same monthly cost while being environmentally conscious, depending upon the size of the Radiographic Operation.


Manufacturers of CR:

There are many manufacturers that develop CR Systems including but not limited to Allpro, AGFA, iCRco, Carestream Health (Kodak), Fuji and Konica.


CR System Dealers












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