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This is the largest online directory of x-ray equipment, radiology equipment, digital x-ray and x-ray service providers. We provide you with the leading x-ray distributors throughout the country. Simply find and click on the state button below and we will direct you to an x-ray dealer within your state. These x-ray dealers offer the latest in CR Systems, DR Systems, PACS, x-ray laser printers, x-ray supplies and much more. If digital x-ray is not for you these dealers also offer the best pricing on x-ray film, x-ray chemistry, x-ray processors and xray equipment. Our goal is to provide medical, veterinary and chiropractic professionals with the most renowned dealers within your given state.



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Portable X-Ray Equipment

Portable x-ray equipment is used in the medical, veterinary, podiatric, dental, military and digital imaging markets worldwide. Portable x-ray equipment is transportable and easily used in remote locations or where conventional x-ray systems are not able to be. Portable X-ray equipment is used by mobile imaging providers who perform onsite imaging in nursing homes, prisons and athletic events or anytime it is more convenient to bring the imaging system to the patient. Portable x-ray equipment is also used extensively in remote locations, disaster response and forensics applications.



MinXray high frequency portable medical x-ray units offer the highest power-to-weight ratios available from any manufacturer. These models are designed for use in nursing homes, private homes, correctional facilities, military field clinics, hospitals, or anywhere an x-ray machine must be brought to a patient. MinXray’s high frequency x-ray units and their companion stands provide the most easily transportable, user-friendly systems available for general-purpose off-site medical diagnostic radiography. Rugged, dependable MinXray equipment is capable of all routine radiographic views you would expect from a portable unit. Detailed images of chest, abdomen, skull, spine and extremities are easily obtained with short exposure times on ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients.For maximum power, MinXray’s new HF120/60HPPWV PowerPlus™ portable x-ray unit (seen above) is the unit of choice. The breakthrough electronic design of this new unit makes it the most powerful portable x-ray unit pound-for-pound available today. The total weight of the system, including the innovative XGS MK IV stand, is 96.5 lb. (43.8 kg). The HF120/60HPPWV PowerPlus™ produces up to 120 kVDC and over 200 mAs. This unit also features 5 memory stations to store and easily recall frequently used exposure techniques. Never before has so much power been available in a portable x-ray unit.



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American Digital Imaging

Portable X-Ray Equipment

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